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Vivir con EPOC awarded by COPD Challenge in Andalusia

"Vivir con EPOC", an application developed by Navandu in collaboration with the Health Care Research Group of the Research Institute at Hospital Universitario La Paz, received on November 21 the second prize of the EPOC Challenge organized by the office of health and the office of employment, enterprise and commerce of the Regional Government of Andalusia, in collaboration with Vodafone.

The EPOC Challenge is an open innovation process to develop a mobile application for patients with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). The App "Vivir con EPOC" had a very good evaluation especially for its design and the autonomy offered to patients, aiming to achieve their therapeutic goals.

Andalusia awards three apps that will help improve the quality of life of people with COPD http://lajunta.es/132c1 #RetoSaludAND #innovación

"Vivir con EPOC" treats the general health of the patient helping him to know how to live with his/her illness with full awareness of the importance of the treatment, from an integral point of view further than just medication. The application has elements to address the patient's mood, resources to increase awareness about the disease, motivation tools to follow the prescribed treatment, programs to maintain a level of physical exercise adapted to their possibilities, and even offers the chance to communicate with other COPD patients, to share contents and connect through the "Red de amigos EPOC". Gamification techniques are also applied to motivate patients and improve their healthy habits.

This app is based on a software infrastructure designed by Navandu for the development of services with the aim of improving the adherence and healthy habits of people. The development of the App has followed a creative process carried out between healthcare professionals of the Hospital Universitario La Paz and Navandu experts. All its contents and algorithms are based on recognized scientific evidence and are mostly part of the protocols and guidelines established for the treatment of COPD patients. Throughout this creative process, concept tests with various patients of this hospital were also carried out, which have allowed the application to evolve from a minimally viable product to its current scope.

More information @ vivirconepoc.com.