The new digital pharma

We create products and services with digital intelligence to enhance communication and marketing

We deliver customized digital experiences to connect and engage healthcare professionals

Best in class HCP engagement programs

We create innovative digital engagement programs to make HCPs experience your brand like never before

Cutting-edge digital services to boost your HCP platforms

We deliver custom digital services to help clinicians in their daily practice and APIs to enhance your HCP websites

Efective test and implementation of digital health and therapeutics

We run tailor digital health programs to improve your brand experience and patients adherence

HCP communities

No more doubtful ROI digital initiatives! Let us build the smart community of specialists at the service of your brand. Learn now how Tok medicine will help you walk the last mile in achieving effective engagement.

Tok medicine

A smarter engagement is possible

We understand how HCPs engagement really works, and we can help your brand to connect with your target and get smarter insights. We provide out-of-the-box digital solutions together with a dedicated team fully committed to your success.

Effective HCP engagement

Leveraged by Pharma brand and medical managers

Trusted and enjoyed by HCPs

Did you ever imagine how to effectively engage your clients in today's digital-based medical affairs world? Well, we did for you... try us out!

Overtime HCP engagement
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  • HCP communities
  • Compliance content co-creation
  • Objective Engagement Algorithm
  • Accredited activities
  • Blockchain-based authoring
  • Deep data intelligence
Optimize e-detailing
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  • Natural language processing for medical searching
  • Semantic searches across full text papers
  • Programmatic content positioning
  • Boost your brand experience
  • Deep analytics and insights
  • Enhance your own brand site to increase engagement
Virtual MSL
Your private AI powered MSL
Ask for presentation
  • Your own private chatGPT in medical affairs
  • Leverage AI to boost MSLs productivity
  • Stop wasting time with complex searches
  • Improve your target specialists experience
  • Accelerate innovation
  • Safeguard your information assets

Web3 and HCP engagement

Immersive experiences with a sense for real HCP engagement. It is not about Metaverse yet, but about what is coming with the Web3 world to change medical affairs, brand awareness and engagement

IMA Rooms
Immersive medical affairs
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  • Immersive medical events
  • Unique stand alone events
  • Impactful advisory boards
  • 3D scenarios for medical affairs
  • Plug and play projects
  • Imbatible time-to-market

Pharmacovigilance tools and compliance

Medical affairs today extend to social media and professional networks of physicians, where automation and machine learning technologies are a must to comply with the regulatory obligations of pharmacovigilance

ADR Sentinel
Adverse reactions alerts
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  • Monitor social media projects
  • Anticipate with alerts
  • Reduce cost of human examination
  • Comply with regulatory obligations

Awards and honours

Ennova Health Awards
Private Healthcare Awards
Eye For Pharma
Premios Salud Digital
Reto Salud Andalucia

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